San Antonio AIDS Fnd.

Join the Collective

Join the Collective

For decades, the San Antonio AIDS Foundation (SAAF) has provided compassionate care, education and understanding for those impacted or affected and living with HIV.

What is the Red Ribbon Collective?

Join a very select group of supporters whom we consider our brightest stars.  This is the Red Ribbon Collective. 

At the minimum supporting level of $1,000 ($2,000 or more for couples) a year, this completely tax-deductible gift not only allows us to continue our mission statement of helping others in need, but to also appreciate our top contributors in a completely different way. We realize that an organization cannot grow without forward-thinking supporters.  The Red Ribbon Collective is one way we are continuing to move ahead to ensure our place in the Alamo City.

Becoming an ambassador to the community, SAAF, and the clients we service.

Donation Examples:$1000$2000$2500$3000
WEEKLY$21$42$52$6352 wk.
MONTHLY$83$167$208$25012 mo.
QUARTERLY$250$500$625$7504 mo.

What your contribution can provide:

ProgramUnit CostFrequency
Specialty Care/Hospice:$145.60per day
Transitional Housing:$43.50per day
Hot Meals:$5.62per meal
Case Management:$31.98per session
HIV Testing: $15.00per test

Red Ribbon Collective Community:

Alan Beckstead

Roland Benavidez

Dr. George Beddingfield

Susan Calkins

Deborah Carington

Dr. Tom DeNapoli & Mark Walker

Kevin Duhrkopf

Derrick Dodge

Tony Era

Dr. Shay Fish & Bob Boedecker

William C. Friedrich Jr.

Thomas A. Grimert

David Johnson

Ronald E Malone

Cynthia Nelson

James F. Nelson

Fermin Parra

Dr. Daniel Riley

Anne Simmons

Brian Wiatrek